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  • Tansi! (Hello)

    Welcome to my page! I'm honoured that your Spirit has led you here. Our paths have crossed for a reason. May you discover that reason with love and peace in mind. Kiyam

    I'd like to briefly introduce my self

    My name is Melissa Letendre. I am Woodland Cree from my mother and Scottish from my father. I'm a mother, daughter, auntie, sister, but mostly, I'm a spiritual being. I've been on my healing journey for the past 7 years. Within that time, I've learned that self-love and self-compassion are at the heart of becoming whole and blossom into our soul's destiny. It's a lesson I continue to integrate for myself and love inspiring others to do the same.


    I'm a Mental Health Worker for Lytton First Nation and also run my part-time business, Sage Haven Healing, in Kamloops and Merritt, BC. I am a certified Crystal Healer through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, a Holistic Life Coach and hold Indigenous ceremonies.


    I graduated in 2016 with my Bachelor of Social Work from, NVIT and have a 2-year counselling Diploma from the NEC in Vancouver. I'm currently enrolled in a Shamanic Stonework Certification course through Mind Prana Academy, a Medicine Women Series with Therese Dorer from Kamloops, BC, and a Aboriginal Focusing Therapy and Trauma Complex course through the Justice Institute of B.C.


    I'm interested in getting my masters one day or go to school for Art Therapy. My spirit will guide me in the right direction.

    We are all Healers

    I truly believe this!

    We hold the capacity within ourselves to heal our wounds any ailments. I hold space for you to connect to your inner wisdom, and together, we heal.


    We live in 2 worlds. The seen world and the unseen. The seen world is our physical existence and the unseen is the spiritual plane. When we take a moment to stop, listen, and breathe, both worlds open up to us...


    Breathe. Heal. Grow.


  • Healing Approach

    My healing approach is grounded in my culture's traditional healing ways and Earth-based spirituality. I firmly believe in the power of holistic health and wellness. One must work and develop all four aspects of self on their healing journey. To help facilitate this, I incorporate traditional Aboriginal healing methods and other interventions aimed at balancing oneself within my crystal healing sessions and holistic coaching sessions.


    Adopting an integrative approach allows me to remain client-centered and provides the groundwork for creating a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore their hidden talents and journey to other realms. I strongly encourage clients to create and implement a holistic self-care plan designed for self-compassion. Part of the development includes self-awareness around personal values and beliefs. This process is a powerful exercise and extremely helpful for clients on their sacred journey to personal wellness.

  • Holistic Services

    I love being able to facilitate well-being while promoting long term self-reliance through holistic techniques that help raise our consciousness, promote self-healing and encourage detoxification of our mind, body and spirit.

    Crystal Healing Session

    $65 per session



    Sessions lower anxiety and stress within the body in a very delicate, gentle, loving, and compassionate layout. The focus for this session is inducing deep, ultra-relaxation and begins with a sage cleansing ceremony. These sessions are specially tailored to specific body layouts. I will prepare the room with the crystals I feel that will help aid you with a specific challenge you are currently facing.

    Chakra Balancing & Shamanic Reiki

    $65 per session

    I allow up to 90 minutes per session. We begin with a sage cleansing ceremony and a shamanic journey. Healing crystals are then placed on the body where your chakras align. From there, I balance the energy by releasing any blockages between the chakras so your energy moves freely by applying Reiki, earth stones, rattling, or however my intuition guides me. We finish the session with medicinal teas to complete the healing process and a short reading from one of my tarot decks. You will feel refreshed and energized after these sessions!


    Holistic Life Coaching

    $50 per hour

    Come join me on a sacred journey to personal wellness.


    Get inspired to awaken and reclaim your higher intuition through spiritual teachings and healing techniques encouraged to help guide your authentic transformation while balancing your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional parts of self. Finding your own balance and creating a holistic self-care plan that works for you is the key.

    Self-Love for Self-Care

    $65 per session

    Self-love is the theme for this crystal healing layout. Time to unwind and relax with self-compassion in mind. Sessions start with a gem elixir and rose petal foot soak. From there, I lead clients through a guided meditation aimed toward self-compassion. For enhanced crystal energy healing, I create a self-love crystal grid with positive affirmations. Aromatherapy is applied during the session and placements of heart-shaped rose quartz, lepidolite, and amethyst are used for the body layout.


    Call To Book Your Wellness Appointment

    778-838-9661 or email: sagehavenhealing@gmail.com

  • Conduits of Healing

    I use a combination of healing modalities that help us connect to our Higher Power.

    Everything is Energy

    I was taught that we are connected to all walks of life on this earth and that everything has a spirit. This belief and connection is explained through the medicine wheel. A crucial aspect of the medicine wheel is the circular shape which I believe, represents that everything in life is equal, balanced and interconnected. I identify the medicine wheel as the ‘circle of life’ because all things in life are in a circle such as Mother Earth, the Sun, Moon, and planets.


    And so within this sacred circle of life, we all have energy that intertwines within each other. During my sessions, we activate our spirits, and the spirits of others to assist us in our healing. We have the ability to self-heal. I love encouraging and helping others discover their sacred havens so they can open the door to self-compassion and personal healing.

    Crystals and Mesa Stones

    Crystals are a magical creation from Mother Earth. As mentioned, everything has a spirit and emits energy. Crystals are no different. They derive from our Mother and each stone releases its own special properties. In my culture, we use stones in various ceremonies, such as grandfather rock. The grandfather rocks assist us in the sweat lodge ceremonies. They are healing.


    Crystals and stones were created to become our allies and help encourage our natural balance and harmony with self. When placing the stones on a person's body, they help restore and balance our energy that is either blocked, overstimulated or underdeveloped.


    For the science lovers out there, here is a great scientific explanation from the Book of Stones, “When we bring the crystal into our electromagnetic field, two things occur. The electromagnetic frequencies carried by the stone will vibrate with related frequencies in our own energy field through the physical law of resonance, creating a third larger vibration field. The nervous system is attuned to these shifts in energy and transmits this information to the brain. Here the frequencies stimulate biochemical shifts that affect the physical body and shift brain function".


    Scientific or spiritually explained, crystal healing sessions are deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, with clothing on, and is a minimal contact therapy. The sessions help with removing emotional blockages, soul learning, healing, and enhance spiritual growth.


    Shamanic Reiki

    Sharing space that allows others to be taken away to spiritual dimensions and magical places is a beautiful talent that resides within all of us. My passion is to assist you in discovering your special talents and creating sacred spaces that your spirit calls you to.


    Applying Aboriginal healing techniques allows us to do just that with the use of drums, rattles, flute, and various sacred medicines. I guide clients through guided meditations, songs, and other methods that help you become completely relaxed and in a theta sate of consciousness. Together we create magic and journey with spirit animals, angels, and our ancestors with the assistance of Universal Life Force Energy ~ Reiki.


    Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that utilizes universal life energy that inspires and promotes healing within in the body while reducing stress levels. I am a Usui Reiki Practitioner and combine the use of this spiritual healing technique with other interventions and methods.


    Here is a great page all about Shamanic Journeying;



    Spirit Animals

    I started working with my animal totems in 2010. Since opening up that connection. I receive messages from animals all the time. It's beautiful.I believe when animals show up in our lives they carry messages for us. They can come to us in our dreams or our physical world. Whenever they do, try to figure out their meaning before reading up on them. But know that they will always be sending you an important message about your sacred journey. Sometimes the messages they carry will be obvious, other times, it may take years to unfold what they were trying to tell you.

    Remember, we are all connected, we are all apart of the sacred circle of life. I ask my guides and those of my clients to assist us in our healing sessions and they do. Expressing gratitude for their help is crucial. Whenever I see an eagle on my journeys, I thank it for blessing my day. Try it, the more thankful you are and open to your spirit animals, the more they will become present in your life.

  • Sacred Gatherings

    To register and get directions, please see my Facebook page and go to events or email me at sagehavenhealing@gmail.com ~ Namaste

    Cold Full Moon Ceremony

    December 14th, 2016 @ 7pm

    A Gemini influenced full moon – the twin sign, 2 sides of personality, the yin and yang, the emotional and the intellect. This full moon can go either way, stirring up emotions, or mind chatter. So let’s concentrate on keeping ourselves grounded and coming from a place of love.


    The last full moon of the year, although considered the cold moon, it holds a beautiful essence of warmth and love. Time to shed those limited beliefs we have of our selves. Together, we will release and come to a place of self-compassion working with our Root and Heart Chakra’s while we create a space for personal love and understanding.





    Harvest Full Moon Ceremony

    Friday September 16th, 2016 @ 730pm - Sage Haven Farm

    During the Harvest Full Moon, we are asked to reflect on areas we've grown. Come join me as we create a sacred space outdoors. The moon will be bright and beautiful reflecting our own beauty back to us. As we begin to move into Autumn, we will remember and celebrate our personal growths and set new ones for the next cycle.

    Spirit Walk

    Saturday April 1st, 2017

    Would you like to deepen your connection with Mother Earth? If so, please join me for a day of Spirit, ceremony, and loving intentions. Together, we will connect to our Higher Power, spirit animals and that of our ancestors through an Intuitive Earth Walk, fire ceremony and guided meditation.


    Becoming body aware - tuning into our mind, body, and spirit - allows our connections to the land blossom. Body + mind awareness is our natural way to spiritually connect with our ancestors, and that of the land and animals. We are in constant connection and relationship with water, air, fire, earth, plant & animal life. Let us honour our sacred connectedness with love and light.


    Let us honour and acknowledge our interrelatedness by becoming fully present in the moment, expressing our gratitude, love and intentions. Let's walk in harmony with the rhythm of Gia, our Mother Earth.

  • Intuitive Insights

    Welcome! This section is reserved for all the messages I receive from Gaia during my Intuitive Earth Walks. I love sharing the teachings and gifts that help me along my journey. I truly hope you may find some wisdom and insight into them as well. We all rise by uplifting one another.

  • Sage Sisterhood

    Join an empowering sisterhood group! It is a closed Facebook group where we share life's experiences with one another in a supportive environment.


  • Journey of a Healer

    Allow me to share part of my sacred journey to personal wellness

    Journey of Discovery

    I've always been fascinated with Nature, mostly trees and animals. My first wild life encounter was at age 15. I came face-to-face with a black bear! Although connected to the land and animals, it wasn't until I began my healing journey when my connection to the land blossomed.


    My spirit called me, it longed to be found, and so I found her. My discovery came through a cat, a mysterious cat who I called, Alien Cat. This cat howled outside my bedroom for months making very strange noises. Alien cat was begging me to find my true calling. So my curiosity got the best of me, and through my research, I found out about animal totems and shamanism. I learned that Shamans run in my blood line. The day I uncovered these secrets, the cat vanished. It never visited me again. It was a messenger spirit animal.


    ....and so the adventure began. Within the first few years of my healing journey, I discovered spirit animals, healing crystals, shamanic journeying, experienced out-of-body phenomenons, it was exhilarating. I felt alive. I had fun learning and discovering who I was, who I am. I healed the wounds of my past during this time too. It was difficult. I lost a few friends along the way...but the steps we take are the lessons we must learn to move forward to transform and make room for bigger and better things, so I regret nothing.

    Spiritual Journey

    I'm on a new path now. A spiritual one. The longer I walk this path, the stronger my visions become and the more I want to explore it. And the more I express my visions, the stronger it becomes my reality. Please come explore with me!


    The spiritual path is so amazing. I see through new eyes. I hear differently. I connect to Gaia and she responds. It is breathtakingly beautiful. It is a path of new beginnings. A path of transformations. The path to finding oneself. A discovery that no one else can find but you.


    I invite you to take that step, it'll be the best first step you'll ever take. You must take that step to let your spirit shine and to discover yourself. Love yourself. Laugh at self. Appreciate self. Take the time to nurture, rejuvenate, and inspire yourself...inspire your spirit. What do you have to lose? Nothing....but yourself.


    Family of Origin

    I come from a family of beautiful women, beautiful feminine powers. I gain so much wisdom and strength from the women in my family. There are so many to honour, too many, so I'll keep it brief.


    My Chapan (great grandmother) Rosalie Noskey. She was a traditional healer back in the 1800's. A medicine woman, a powerful sorcerer. My mother tells me she had the ability to cast healing spells. They called her, little granny because she was pretty short, 4'2 I believe. Although little, she was a beautiful woman with a huge heart and many gifted talents. She was held with high regard and respect in her village. Rest in peace Chapan, it is my honor to tell the world about you!


    My kokum (grandmother) Maggie Noskey was also a medicine women. She had the gift of medicinal plant medicine. She called me, poopy baby, LOL. Called me that my entire life. And no, that is not my spiritual name ;) She would make us teas when were sick that would taste so awful, but we would be healed the next day. There is a wild place out near Little Buffalo, Alberta that she called her medicine cabinet, a place where she gathered her medicine. My mother took me there one time, it is beautiful. Maggie was also a midwife and delivered 96 babies in her lifetime! The last baby she delivered is my nephew, Joshua.


    And my beautiful mamma, Roseanne Letendre. She is one tough lady. She spent most of her childhood in the residential school system. A tough life, but that never stopped her from being one of the most empathetic and loving persons I know. She is my inspiration today and always will be. She was a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor back in the day which inspired me to get my Social Work Degree. I'll never forget the look she gave me on my graduation day. Thank you for always being there mom.


    I'm sharing my family history to honour these beautiful women. We should never forget to honour those who come before us. The ones who inspire, teach, and show us the way. They are the ones who guide us to onto the right paths...our paths to self-discovery. They help us find our true callings, and by honouring them, they are never forgotten. All my relations.

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