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Flights of Discovery

I started walking down the river's path. It was slightly chilly out, the river seemed to blow a sweet breeze, kissing the nape of my neck. As usual, I was awaken by the beauty of nature around me. I expressed my gratitude for the gift of being one with the beauty. I asked permission to ground my energy to Giai, again, asking for any messages.

After a few moments of silence and consciously walking upon the earth, I noticed I had my head down the entire time.....and so in that second of reality and thinking...why do I walk with my head down, my spirit spoke to me, whispering, "do not always look down to the ground, if you do you won't see what's up above".

I instantly looked up and saw a Red Tail Hawk perched on a tree. the energy shift was undeniable. I felt his presence, his connection, we were one. I was one with the ground, the sky, the air, the trees, the earth....and with Red Tail. He flew from tree to tree leading the way. Once I sat down at the rivers side to meditate, he too settled on a tree, our hearts merged, beating as one. I asked what message he carried. Knowingly, and calming, I heard the words. I heard his wisdom as if it were my own heart stating, "always be kind and gentle with yourself, you will find the right tree when it is time".

To me, the tree meant path. We will always find the right path in our lives when we are ready, so we must be patient and kind with ourselves. What does his message mean to you? Journey and ask for his message, perhaps he'll visit you too, this handsome Red Tail.

In doing so, please remember, you are a work in progress, you will get there little by little, and when your spirit is ready. We must remember that all good things come in time, so enjoy the journey! Stop to smell the fresh air, feel the breeze on your pretty face, and listen for the messages from our animal friends. Namaste


I came to a realization that I'm doing more than a mediation walk when I'm out connecting. I'm receiving intuitive insights and a name for my experiences came to me today....Intuitive Earth Walks. I will create the steps I do to share with others. I guess I shall write another post :)

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