There is a unique pine tree on our property that I’ve been calling Eagle Tree. I chose that name for it because eagles are constantly perched on top of it. Spirit tree has no leaves on the top because this is where the eagles sit. Oh the uniqueness is absolutely gorgeous (see photo). I love Eagle tree. We have a special connection. I’ve given Reiki healing to it before, and one of my clients found an eagle feather under it, so I hold a special place in my heart for this tree.

I wanted to strengthen my bond with the tree, so I journeyed to the middle world to formally introduce myself. To my surprise, its name is Spirit Tree. How fitting as people often refer to eagles as the, Great Spirit. Name change time!

In my journey, I was wearing this beautiful choker with a big blue crystal in the middle. It was stunning. Even more interesting, I recently had an intuitive reading done by, Soul Path Portraits, who stated that I need to find my voice. Well I got the same message from Spirit Tree! In my journey, Spirit Tree whispered, “the answers are within you”. I didn’t understand what that meant at first.

After each meditation, I like to do tarot card readings for enhanced personal growth and understanding. I chose my crystal deck this time because of the choker I visualized wearing in the journey.... I pulled the Celestite card. A throat chakra card! LOL and I then pulled out my Book of Stones for further reading on the crystal…and I opened the book to the page for Celestite! Oh, sweet synchronicities!

The stone’s properties are said to heighten intuition, meditation, practical in reiki healing (Spirit Tree) and very beneficial for people who have a fear of public speaking…ding ding ding that’s me! Celestite also helps connect to higher spiritual realms and angels. Well 3 months ago I bought a chunk of it, only because it caught my eye but I hadn’t worked with it yet. Wow my intuition months ago knew I would need it…awesome stuff!

Soo long story short. I want to share how I’m going to work with my throat chakra. Maye you’ll find some useful tips.

Suggestions to work with your Throat Chakra

  • Place a Celestite (or blue stone) on your throat and visualize a blue lotus flower that is slowly opening and once each petal is open and flat your throat chakra will be open.
  • Once your throat chakra is open, imagine a ray of white light filling the centre of the flower. This white light is universal love and healing entering your energy field. Feel it’s warm loving energy fill your entire being. Accept the love and be one with the universe.
  • Now choose a mantra and repeat 8 times. I am using, ‘I speak with confidence and compassion’. It’s best not to choose an affirmation from the internet or book. Make your own so that it is specific to your needs. It will be more powerful if you create it yourself.
  • Repeat this affirmation daily, even when you’re not meditating with your crystal.
  • Saying your affirmation outload is a powerful way for you to speak to your subconscious, higher self and the universe.
  • Try to do lotus flower visualization with stone placed on your throat every night for a week, or as much as needed. Pay close attention to your body’s needs.
  • Drink plenty of liquids afterwards. Jazz it up with blueberry juice, herbal teas such as; spearmint, coriander, or blue spruce
  • Where a choker with a blue stone ;) or a pendant.

Ok, so back to the, ‘answers are within’ and the reason I’m sharing this post about my journey…

I wanted to share how easy it is to apply visioning and journeying into our daily lives to seek the answers we yearn for. The answers are always inside ourselves. We control our destiny, no one else. We know what is best for ourselves, and the more we practice utilizing our intuition, the more we have a deeper understanding of self. That’s it, pretty simple hey?

I invite you to give it a try, there is no right or wrong way to meditate, journey, or vision. All you need is the desire to be the best you can be, set your intentions, and have faith in the process. Trust in your Higher Power.




Please share insights, thoughts, feelings, or healing techniques for Spirit Tree. Ku'kshemic.

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